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Our Approach

Our child-centric approach promotes the development, uniqueness and confidence of every child whilst delivering the highest standards of care. We want every child at Maple Bloom to have fun and enjoy growing up.


Our approach is to let the children inspire us with the learning activities led by their imagination. We feel this approach bears fruitful learning outcomes as it has been derived from their interest.

"If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach them the way they learn" - Ignacio Estrada

Our Curriculum



At Maple Bloom our curriculum will be focused around the British EYFS, which is the national framework in England for the care and education of babies up to reception age.

The EYFS is made up of seven areas of learning and development that are categorised as prime areas and specific areas. The three prime areas is what children mostly develop first and is essential for future learning. As the child grows, the learning from the prime areas is then applied and reinforced by four specific areas. The seven areas are as follows,


Prime Areas -

1. Communication and language 

2. Physical development

3. Personal, emotional and social development 

Specific Areas -

4. Mathematics 

5. Literacy

6. Expressive arts and design

7. Understanding the world


You can learn more about the EYFS and what to expect by clicking on the below guides.

What to Expect, When?

Development Matters (We use this a guidance for learning outcomes)
Early Learning Goals

Our Facility
Wooden Cars


Our Pre-school in Masaki is situated in a green and lush setting nearly an acre large. Located conveniently next to Shoppers Plaza on Haile Selassie.


Our state of the art facility has been designed to host the following features,

  • Large and modern rooms with lots of natural light and calm ambience.

  • Specially designed furniture and equipment.

  • Multi-sports Ground.

  • Purpose built splash pool.

  • Outdoor playground with a naturally built play equipment.

  • Large natural wooded and green areas, to carry out yoga sessions and picnics.

  • Messy play area.

  • Calm Sleep Room for Babies

  • Dedicated children's library.

  • Ample parking spaces at Shoppers Plaza.

Our Spaces


Our centre is made up of distinctive learning spaces and rooms to cater for the different ages and stages of children.

We have a calm and nurturing area for children up to the age of 2, we call this area as the Teenie Room.

Moving on, we have a fun and engaging area for 2 years old's that we call as the Toddler Room.

Our Three and Four year old's have a spacious space designed with immersive views and free flow access of the outdoors. We want children in this room to let themselves and their imagination run free, We call this the Pre-school Room.

Finally we have created a brand new space for, children 4 and Over. This our Reception Room, and here we embark on a program which introduces newer learning concepts and that brings about school readiness.

In addition to this, we have dedicated spaces to provide a variety of learning experiences.


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Our Technology


Two Friends with a Tablet

Our day to day operations are carried out using technological advances. We use less paper making us more environmental friendly and also enabling our staff to spend more time doing what they do best and less time with paperwork.

From registering the roll count in the morning to noting sleep times and adding the next steps to your child's learning journey, all of this is done with ease using no paper.


At the same time it enables parents to view their child's daily feedback and overall progress at a touch of a button.

Our Safety


We take the safety of the children in our care very seriously and that is why our pre-school has been created from the ground up with your child's safety and well-being in mind.

We host a multitude of safety and security features, below are just to name a few.

  • Complete premises under CCTV monitoring.

  • All doors designed to be child-safe

  • Flooring in all rooms have an under-layer.

  • Round the clock guards.

  • Every room is reachable via Intercom for emergencies.

  • Outdoor areas have safety fences.

  • Robust risk assessment policies and checklists in place.

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