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Join the Dream Team.

Kickstart Your Career at Maple Bloom in Dar es Salaam


At Maple Bloom, we cherish our team and prioritise their wellbeing. We offer a comprehensive benefits package, reflecting our appreciation for the staff's unwavering dedication and commitment to the children we nurture.


Our educators are selected not only for their professional abilities but also for their empathy and exceptional communication skills. This ensures a warm, communicative environment for both children and their parents.


Why Choose Maple Bloom?

  •  Competitive Industry Salaries: Our packages are top-tier, designed to reflect the significant value we place on our staff's contributions.

  • Professional Development: Continue to grow with ongoing training and opportunities to gain further qualifications.

  •  Career Advancement: As a blossoming institution, we continuously provide avenues for career progression.

  •  State of the Art Facilities: Work in an environment designed specifically with the needs of children in mind, featuring modern, safe, and engaging spaces.

  •  Serenity and Nature: Enjoy our beautifully landscaped grounds that offer peaceful and natural settings ideal for both staff and students.

  •  Top Notch Resources: Access cutting edge equipment and technology to facilitate the best possible learning experiences.


Join us at Maple Bloom and contribute to shaping future generations in an inspiring and supportive community.

Male Teacher with Students
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