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About Us

With a history of success spanning nearly 12 years, Maple Bloom has evolved from a nursery and pre-school in the UK to a beacon of excellence in early years education. Recognised as one of the 'Best' nurseries in the area, we received glowing reviews from parents and stakeholders.

After being acquired by one of the UK's leading early years operators, we returned to our roots with a new vision – to provide the highest quality of care and education to children in our home country. Drawing upon our expertise in the childcare sector, Maple Bloom Pre-school was established in Dar es Salaam since 2020.

As we step into a new era, we are delighted to unveil our latest milestone - Maple Bloom Elementary. Building upon our legacy of excellence, we extend our commitment to nurturing young minds beyond preschool years. With a brand new purpose-built campus in Masaki and the holistic British Curriculum as our guiding light, Maple Bloom Elementary promises an exceptional educational journey.

At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that every child in our care deserves access to the 'best' in learning and education. From our inspiring learning environments to our dedicated team of educators, the essence of our ethos shines through in every aspect of Maple Bloom.

Join us on this transformative educational adventure, where children thrive wonderfully, setting a solid foundation for a brilliant future.



At Maple Bloom, our mission is to provide every child, from preschool to elementary, with the best possible experience for their educational journey ahead. We strive to nurture their growth, curiosity, and potential, creating a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and success.




To be a beacon of educational excellence, inspiring students and teams across our centres. We are committed to delivering exceptionally high-quality care and education to every child at our centres.




1. Nurturing Growth: We believe in nurturing the growth of every child, providing a foundation for lifelong learning and personal development.


2. Inspiring Curiosity: We foster a love for learning by encouraging curiosity, exploration, and creativity in our students.


3. Building a Caring Community: Our school is a warm and inclusive community, where compassion, respect, and empathy form the cornerstone of all interactions.


4. Excellence in Education: We are dedicated to providing an outstanding education that empowers students to achieve their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally.


5. Fostering Resilience: We in-still resilience in our students, nurturing their ability to face challenges with determination, adaptability, and a positive mindset.


6. Promoting Global Awareness: We embrace diversity and promote global awareness, nurturing open-mindedness and understanding of different cultures, perspectives, and world issues.

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