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Stephanie De Bruin

Lead Teacher - Year 3

Hi, I am Stephanie, the Lead Teacher for Year 3 and the Events Coordinator at Maple Bloom Elementary.

Teaching is a calling that came to me a few years ago, and I have cherished every moment of it. The early developmental stages of a child's life are critically important as they lay the groundwork for their future. It's also essential for learners to enjoy their school years, fostering memories they can cherish.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion and Design, and, having a passion for languages, I studied Mandarin at a University in China. My teaching experience extends over 5 years in China, both at a Language Institution and an Early Development International School.

Throughout my teaching career, I have gained valuable experience in nurturing children with care, understanding, and guidance.

My enthusiasm for sports and outdoor activities stems from a belief that a strong body fosters a strong mind. I am eager to share this passion for sports with the children. Similarly, art and design hold a special place in my heart, and I am keen to cultivate their creativity, enhancing their cognitive development and critical thinking skills.

Witnessing the growth and development of learners, as I motivate and encourage them to become confident, knowledgeable individuals, is immensely rewarding.

Stephanie De Bruin
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