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Natalia Bahashwan

Room Leader - Calves

My name is Natalia but I go as Miss Talia. I am the preschool room leader here in Maple Bloom!

My journey to get here was surrounded by the joy of working as an early year practitioner . Earning the diploma of teaching, counseling and psychology and currently working on further learning in education, it has taught me to love what I do!

I am a bilingual teacher and I love languages and I enjoy everything hands on and artistic. I am skilled in different areas such as physical activities example swimming and rugby.

I am what they call a loud personality with a soft heart. I always look forward coming to class and to spend my great time piecing up together vast knowledge with the children.

My role as a Room Leader is to ensure the care and love of your children. To support them and guide them as well as share their struggle. To also motivate them in building their confidence and stepping out of their comfort zone. Enabling children to learn more about what the world has to offer them!

I am motivated to try and be an example to them and to not just have them look up to me but to know that I am always going to be there for them! There’s always tomorrow to make new greatness for the children and they always seize to amaze me whenever we explore our preschool time together!

It’s always a joy to get hugs every morning from the children, something to most definitely look forward to!

Natalia Bahashwan
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