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Matilda Sizyah

Centre Manager - Pre-school

My name is Matilda and I have been at Maple Bloom since its opening, I've had the privilege of witnessing young minds develop and flourish. My deep appreciation for the school has allowed me to grow alongside the children, achieving significant milestones. What's particularly remarkable is that I began as an intern, and the invaluable experience gained has led me to my current role as the Centre Manager—a true testament to the growth and development fostered by the school.


My journey has uniquely equipped me to approach this role with a well-rounded perspective, emphasizing innovative solutions and a child-centred approach. I hold a Level 3 qualification in Early Years, providing me with the foundational knowledge and essential skills needed to work with young children. Additionally, I hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Automation and Design, offering a distinct perspective on the intersection of technology and education, further enhancing an innovative educational experience.


I'm particularly passionate about harnessing the potential of technology to enhance the educational experience by streamlining administrative processes, thus allowing educators to concentrate on the most critical aspect of our work—the development of our children.


As I firmly believe, "Every child is a unique and innovative learner. It's our duty as educators to nurture their innate creativity, curiosity, and imagination in their early years." Together with my team of dedicated educators, we look forward to ensuring this for all children in our care by laying the strongest foundation.

Matilda Sizyah
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