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Cornelius Engelbrecht

Head of School

Welcome to Maple Bloom Elementary!


I am Cornelius Engelbrecht, and I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to the pursuit of education. My passion lies in guiding children through their holistic development journey, transforming them into well-balanced adults.


I believe that learning starts at a young age, and the early years from Toddler class to Year 6 are crucial for a child's success.


My approach to education is comprehensive, encompassing academics, sports, culture, and social interaction. Inclusive education and entrepreneurial skills go hand in hand, and we strive for goal-driven outcomes.


As a leader and teacher with expertise in working with students of all ages, I am confident in driving new educational ideas and concepts with enthusiasm. My goal is to reignite the passion for learning and bridge the gap between dreams and reality.


Maple Bloom Elementary embraces creativity, and we believe that a nurturing environment sparks creativity in every individual. By implementing new teaching methods, in-depth study concepts, and an outcome-based curriculum with the latest technology, I aim to create a transformative educational experience.


My vision for Maple Bloom Elementary is to be a School of Excellence that sets itself apart from others, becoming a leader in elementary education in Tanzania.


I am humbled and privileged to welcome you all to Maple Bloom Elementary. Together, let us embark on a journey of growth, learning, and achievement.


CJ Engelbrecht

Cornelius Engelbrecht
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