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Rina Engelbrecht

Team Leader - Year 1

Hi, I am Teacher Rina. I live my life passionately with energy, much laughter, and plenty of hobbies and interests. I am a collector of artifacts and got a great love for the Arts. Traveled excessively, love nature, and have been a professional photographer for many a year. My husband, children, family and friends lies near to my heart. Sharing and making memories is part of my daily life.

A great teacher has an impact on many children and I am still friends with some Year 1 as well as Art students which I had the privilege to teach. Teacher to many children, which I got to love dearly, throughout my 35 years of teaching.

I treat anybody's child like my own and I love them all the same. My education experience makes me a specialist in the field of Foundation phase children. I am a strong believer in left and right-brain cohesiveness and base all teaching methods on the knowledge of whole-brain development.

Children need to love school therefore I apply a value-driven approach to teaching rather than a rule-driven approach. Holistic development is paramount for any child to develop into a well balanced, all rounded grown-up.

Rina Engelbrecht
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