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Specialist Teacher

Hi, I am Millan, the specialist Teacher for Years 1-6 , I teach Art, History and Geography at Maple Bloom Elementary School.

Teaching is a calling that came to me a couple of years ago when I opened my own Art studio and I have treasured every moment since then. As I grew up I had very little exposure to Art as a subject and the materials, looking back this was the reason I became a teacher so that every child could explore the beautiful world of Art, History and Geography and it’s opportunities, to be able to express themselves and explore the world in past and present.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Design, and have a passion for travel, I studied Fine Art at a university in Egypt. My teaching experience extends over 3 years in Tanzania at a Turkish school where I had the privilege of learning Turkish language and culture. Throughout my teaching career I have gained valuable experience in nurturing young talents, understanding and guidance.

My enthusiasm for Ancient History and physical geography stems from my love for Art, I believe that all three subjects are connected. Art fosters a calm soul and an open mind, History lets us explore the “pastness” and strangeness of the past the ways that people in distant ages lived, loved and made sense of the world around them where as Geography excites exploration on earth and space. I am eager to share this passion of the Arts with the children and keen to cultivate their creativity.

Witnessing the development of learners, as I motivate and encourage them to become creative, adventurous, open minded individuals is truly a rewarding profession.

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